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A Year 11 student from Ormiston Park Academy, Part of the Ormiston Academies Trust, saved a man’s life recently on the bustling Shaftesbury Avenue, a hectic area of London’s West end. Jake Maynard, 15 was on a school theatre trip, when a man jumped into the road, before collapsing in front of a bus, in a street filled with traffic.

The man was in great danger of being struck by a moving vehicle when Jake sprang into action.  Jake signalled to road users, to alert them of the man’s presence in the road, then immediately telephoned the emergency services.

Whilst the man lay convulsing amidst the night-time traffic, Jake calmly relayed information to the operator and agreed to remain with the man until an ambulance arrived.

The staff member who was with Jake at the time was amazed by his mature and controlled response to the incident.  Police officers contacted Jake at school the next day to inform him that he most definitely saved the man’s life the previous evening! What a commendable feat!

Jake, however, remained as humble as ever:

“I’m quite proud of myself. It’s, well, different. No-one in my family has ever saved someone’s life so they are all quite proud of me too”

The Academy is also incredibly proud of Jake, and wants to reiterate to him what a praise-worthy act he undertook! Well done, Jake!

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