As part of British Science Week 2019, year 8 and 10 students will have the opportunity to speak in a live chat with real scientists and engineers. Year 8 students will be speaking with engineers in the Space Zone and year 10 students will be speaking with scientists in the Drug Discovery Zone.

Students have the chance to ask them anything to do with their current research and the importance of their research for today and the future, their experiences in school, college, university and work, or simply their hobbies and interests.

At the end of the chat, students will vote for their favourite scientist or engineer to win the prize that will be used to increase STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) engagement. The scientists and engineers will also be voting for a student who they felt showed the most enthusiasm and asked the most thoughtful questions.

Last term, it was the year 7 and 9 students took part, where Lily-May Summerhayes in year 7 received a certificate and won a £20 gift card. This was the second time that OPA students had taken part, and the second time in a row that an OPA student had won this prize! Last year, it was Frankie McCarthy in year 9 (now year 10) who won.

Will we make a third?