Aspirations soar for OPA’s young ‘graduates’

//Aspirations soar for OPA’s young ‘graduates’

Spirits were high as Ormiston Park Academy’s Year 8 students attended a formal certification ceremony at the University of East Anglia (UEA), scooping up ‘distinctions’ for Brilliant Club essays on literary theory.

Student’s work, based around Marxist and Feminist theory, was noted to be of a standard a full Key-Stage level beyond their current academic status –a reflection of the intellectual dedication shown by the Year 8 pupils.  Writing at GCSE level is an impressive feat for UEA’s youngest scholars and this was emphasised in the key note address which acknowledged the level of hard work and effort.

Year 8 pupils, accompanied by teachers and parents, were also treated to a campus tour and a student-led session on ‘a-day-in-the-life’ at the university, delivered by a UEA medical student.

All students received university-style classifications, with Cameroon Root and Milana Khlimankova achieving additional distinction certificates for their assignments.

Despite performing at such an esteemed level, students remained in touch with their inner child, finding the cap and gowns worn by graduates a source of huge hilarity!  Perhaps they will relish such attire when they potentially graduate for real in, wait for it, 2024!

Ormiston Park Academy’s Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator, Ben Partridge, led the trip and gushed with pride regarding the student’s achievements:

“The trip was a huge success and, as always, the students were a credit to the Academy.”

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