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Detailed information regarding our provision for students with SEND can be found here. We hope parents of current and prospective students find this information helpful and we encourage all interested parties to contact the academy for more information.

In addition we offer the following provisions:

Social club

Every break time we open up our Elm room for students who prefer somewhere quieter to spend their break times. They have a free choice of many activities including: team games, ice-breakers, computers, quiet reading, and they can even do their homework in there.

Space club

Coming soon, we will have Space club, an after school club for students who want or need to improve their hand-eye coordination, gross motor and locomotor skills, and fine motor skills.

Space club will be fun and engaging using a range of play and sensory equipment including parachute games and team building games. These basic activities develop body management, balance, bodily co-ordination, strength, agility and confidence, hand-eye coordination, spatial awareness, fine motor control, accuracy, two handed coordination and manipulative strength.

Literacy support

We offer a wide range of literacy support across key stage 3 and 4. This takes the form of small group withdrawal programmes with our SEN team and access to a range of online resources and activities some of which can be accessed at home for further support and practice.

Some of the key packages and resources we use are: Sound Training for Reading, Lexia, and Speed up!

Please have a chat with one of our team for more details.

Small group work

Some of our students will take part in withdrawal intervention to complete tasks in small groups or even 121 with a member of the SEN team. We work really hard to make sure that each child is achieving their best and are not hindered by any learning needs. These sessions may include intensive literacy support using programmes such as Lifeboat and Toe by Toe.


All year groups have the opportunity to access handwriting support and this year we are using a programme called Speed up which aims to enable students to write clearly and quickly. We will accompany this with a range of Fine Motor skills activities to ensure these muscles are well developed and will enable success with the programme.

The Governing body accessibility plan can be found here.

SEND Coordinator:  Miss E Fenton

Email: [email protected]


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Sue’s Schoolwear update

September 17th, 2018|

Dear Parent / Carers

We are processing all outstanding orders of about 41 and these will be complete by the end of this week.

As we complete orders we will be texting those parents to say they are able to collect from school.

As a batch are complete we will bring them to the school complete with the childs first initial and surname for

easy collection. Therefore we are hoping that by Wednesday am there will be the first batch to arrive in to school.

We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

Thank you

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