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S4S tackle social and educational challenges throughout the school by recruiting students who are able to give the student body a voice and speak for the range of pupils at OPA. The team consists of a combination of students across all year groups and includes students from different friendship groups and ethnicities.

There are two types of S4S member, our Solution Seekers and our Leaders. Our Seekers are students that want to contribute towards the daily roles of being in our team such as ensuring high expectations are met by all; supporting each other; preparing everyone for learning, and supporting Leaders deliver their projects. Seekers listen to the views of the student body and work with the Leaders to turn these views into positive realities. Seekers wear a red tie and trim on their blazer.

Our Leaders are students that want to take responsibility for leading one or two projects to make positive changes in our community and support our seekers to become Leaders one day themselves. Leaders work directly with teachers, support staff and Senior Leaders in the Academy to turn their ideas into reality. Leaders wear a gold tie and trim on their blazers.

Any student can apply to be in the S4S team but will only be accepted if they are a positive role model and are able to follow the charter we implement as a team.

As an Academy we feel that it is very important to have our S4S team. We want the students within our OPA community to drive positive change for themselves and their peers, based on their own experiences.

Leaders manage the S4S team but we are very passionate about the fact that every student in the team equally provides a voice for the young people of OPA and we believe no student is less powerful than any other.

What are we working on?

Our current projects

Team Recruitment – Recruitment for new members is held annually where Leaders hold assemblies for each year group to outline the projects for the year ahead. Students collect application forms, which must be completed and submitted by the deadline. At the close of applications, Leaders meet with the Assistant Principal responsible for the S4S team and shortlisting commences. Students are invited to interview and if successful, are presented with their new ties at the end of term celebration assemblies before we break up for Christmas.
Peer Coaching/ Check Mates – Working with one of the heads of college, Seekers and Leaders are selected to work with students that have been identified as needing support. This support could be academic or social, and S4S members link with these students to help coach them through their needs.
OPA Ready – Working with our primary feeder schools, Leaders and Seekers plan sessions with OPA teachers for delivery to Year 5 students. Sessions are delivered both at the primary schools and here at OPA to show students how lessons are when they start with us in Year 7. Sessions include literacy, numeracy, sports, science, drama, art, languages and technology.
Generating Generations – Continuing with the successes of the previous two years, Leaders and Seekers are working with a collection of local residential homes in our community to offer a range of activities for the elderly to participate in, generating opportunities for different generations to mix and share experiences.
Equipment Ready? – Every student at OPA is expected to have their full equipment for every day at the Academy. Leaders and Seekers work with their heads of year to offer equipment for sale and monitor that everyone in their year group is prepared for their day of learning.
Student Learning Consultants – A highly important role, Leaders and Seekers work with teachers to plan engaging lessons that will allow all pupils to make progress in their learning. Team members identify areas in their learning that need development, or suggest an alternative method of delivery for a topic that will be more engaging for all. Throughout the academic year, students will work with every subject area and with a number of staff.


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