Team Tree triumph

//Team Tree triumph

On Friday 12th June, Tutor Year Group 9 had a Challenge to see who could make a paper tree out of newspaper.

Each group were given newspaper and had to watch a video with instructions of how to make a tree.

At first the whole of the year group thought Mrs Purnell had lost her marbles, gradually they came together and joined in the fun.

Miss Fenton kept all the sellotape and refused any others to use it! She stated ‘it’s a challenge remember, get your own tape’.

Students had to problem solve the best way to make the tree.  The Winners were from Mrs Shorey’s group Brooke Gilbey and J J Read in first place; Geena-Rose Rothbury-Frith and Ellie Donavan second place.  And finally the smallest prize goes to David Olla for his tree.

Brooke and JJ could not believe they won! Brooke cheered ‘Wow, this is great we won’

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