Performers College in Corringham welcomed 20 Performing Arts pupils from Ormiston Park Academy to a taster day this week, giving them an insight into the world of dance and musical theatre.  They watched several dance classes and participated in a jazz class with tutor Tony Parrie.

Tracy Lee, Principal of Performers College talked to some of the Ormiston Park pupils and was delighted to hear their feedback, particularly from student Stephanie Macauley “I am so inspired and would love to do this when I leave school” and Year 10 student Emerald Gunn “I am now really determined to succeed in Musical Theatre and make a career out of it.”

June Purnell, Performing Arts Curriculum Leader from the Academy stated “We want to close the gap between the haves and have nots and inspire our students to believe in themselves and achieve their goals. By offering them invaluable experiences, particularly with such a fantastic organisation as Performers College, they will be motivated to be the best that they can be”.