Ormiston Park Academy Hosts Special Event for Year 8 Girls

Ormiston Park Academy, in Aveley, were delighted to join up with the West Ham Foundation in December to host an exciting event highlighting the importance of positive female role models.

All girls in Year 8 at the academy, which is sponsored by Ormiston Academies Trust (OAT), gathered for a female-only session focused on student wellbeing as well as individual goals and aspirations. Featuring special guest speakers from the organisation Mighty Minds, the event kicked off a female-specific programme that will get the academy’s female students thinking about their futures.

The session saw high interaction from all the pupils involved, with lots of lively discussion and the sharing of some brilliant ideas.

This was the first session of its kind held at Ormiston Park Academy and, due to the excellent engagement and participation of the pupils, the West Ham Foundation are already looking forward to offering even more similar events throughout the new year.

Huw Derrick, Principal at Ormiston Park Academy, said:

“We were delighted that we were able to offer the girls in Year 8 such a fantastic opportunity to hear from such wonderful female role models and think about what the future might hold in store for them.

“All the students were so engaged and really took a lot from the session. We at Ormiston Park Academy would like to thank Mighty Minds and the West Ham Foundation and we look forward to working them again this year to benefit even more of our students.”