Studies of digital skills and IT recognized as excellent at OPA

Ormiston Park Academy has been awarded Centre of Excellence status for equipping students with digital skills and qualifications.  The Academy has received this award from Prodigy Learning in recognition of its exceptional performance in the way it delivers IT qualifications from Microsoft.

The achievements over the year include George Repole’s record-breaking attainment of 9 Microsoft Office Specialist certificates, Logan Cooper achieving runner-up in the UK finals for Word and Alfie Fuller Burgess’ amazing achievements as UK Champion in Word as well as his taking part in the world finals in Dallas last Summer.

Andrew Griggs (Country Manager, Prodigy Learning) said: “It is a great pleasure to be presenting Ormiston Park with a Centre of Excellence Award.  This award is presented by Prodigy Learning to recognise exceptional performance in delivering internationally recognised IT certifications from industry leaders Microsoft.”

“Prodigy Learning awards Centre of Excellence status annually to a small number of centres in the UK & Ireland to mark the delivery of over 250 IT certifications in the year and high standards of achievement.“

Laurence Boulter (Ormiston Park IT Infrastructure Lead) added: “We are very proud of our status as a Microsoft IT Academy and even more proud of those pupils who earned those 250 professional certifications over the last year.”

“This year we have offered the opportunity to parents, carers and families of Ormiston Park pupils to complete the online MOS course and Prodigy Learning are great partners to have in an initiative like this. We also have our fingers crossed with one pupil already qualified for this year’s UK finals next month and I have seen test scores that make me optimistic about at least another UK contestant. You never know, we might not have seen the last of Alfie and Logan yet!”


Sixth Form

We are pleased to announce that 6th Form are able to return to the Academy on Monday 8th January 2018.
Please come straight to Room 30 (Elm Centre) for CPRE at 8:50am prompt and NOT the 6th Form Area.
Full business wear as usual, however please be advised to bring an extra jumper / cardigan etc.  Many thanks and we look forward to welcoming back our 6th Form on Monday

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