Some of our 6th Formers were invited to meet with Paul Macey. Paul works with Thurrock CVS as part of the Councils Strong Together project. His work is called Asset Based Community Development which looks at how local people can use their gifts to make their area stronger and more attractive.

The session started with Paul asking our students one simple question

“What is the one thing missing from your local area?”

The students had to discuss this question in pairs and feedback to Paul. After their feedback Paul asked the students another question

“What skills / connections do you have to make changes in your local area?”

This question posed some difficulty for our students. Getting them to think about and identify what they have to offer the local community.

Paul left our students with a short task. They now need to head out into the local community and asked people these very same questions. Once they have some feedback they come back together and draw up a map of the local area and plan out where these talents could be used and with what age groups.

Our 6th Formers will then meet with Paul again in June to work on the ideas and try and organise an ideas fair where people in the local community sign up to support activities for children.