Microsoft Office specialist UK championship

//Microsoft Office specialist UK championship

OPA are very pleased to announce that, for the third successive year, OPA will have a pupil taking part in the UK championships for Microsoft Office Specialist at Microsoft HQ in Reading next month.

Logan, UK Runner-up in Word in 2015 and UK Champion in PowerPoint 2016, has now qualified for the 2017 finals specialising in Excel, Logan earns the chance to compete against the Welsh, Irish and Scottish champions to represent the UK at the World Championships in California later this year. This follows Logan’s participation in the 2016 World Championships in Florida and is a remarkable achievement.

Fellow competitor Alfie, UK Champion in Word and UK 2015 representative at the World Championships in Texas just failed to qualify for the Four Nations tournament although Alfie did end the season ranked 3rd place in England.

Alicja and Dylan, despite their impressive scores also did not manage to qualify, but are set to become serious contenders for next year’s contest when Alfie and Logan retire from the competition.

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