OPA’s budding artists inspired at Museum of Natural History

 Ormiston Park Academy’s year 9 and 10 students were venturing out again, this time to the Museum of Natural History.  With Diplodocus or perhaps Darwin’s finches as their muse, students toured the museum, experiencing flashes of insight as to the subject matter for their next work of Art.

OPA’s teaching team within the Art department planned the trip to give students the opportunity to be surrounded by an assortment of weird and wonderful creations and to take their pick of which piece they would turn into their next ‘still life’ drawing.

On the quiet Thursday afternoon students were able to enjoy getting down to artistic business in the calm and tranquil setting of the museum.  The Academy’s young artists were spoilt for choice and soaked up as much as they could, listing scores of interesting items they would attempt to recall at home. They snapped photo after photo on their smartphones, to capture what may well be a life-time of ideas to explore with their drawing and painting pursuits.

Year 10 student, Sneha Choudry, reported:

“It was such a useful experience, we wandered the museum, stopping to sketch any object that caught out attention.  The dinosaur skeleton was such an amazing sight to walk into and really set the tone for the trip. Every single thing in the museum was a source of inspiration!”

As always, Ormiston Park Academy strives to provide its students with a diverse and engaging curriculum and here is just another instance where students were enriched via extra-curricular activity.


Sixth Form

We are pleased to announce that 6th Form are able to return to the Academy on Monday 8th January 2018.
Please come straight to Room 30 (Elm Centre) for CPRE at 8:50am prompt and NOT the 6th Form Area.
Full business wear as usual, however please be advised to bring an extra jumper / cardigan etc.  Many thanks and we look forward to welcoming back our 6th Form on Monday

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