The latest tutor challenge tasked each class with scoring points on a bullseye style target.

Each team had to use straws to blow small paper balls into the centre of a giant target. Having already developed excellent skills in breath control and straw mastery in the blow football competition earlier in the year, 9.3 were huffing and puffing the minute the whistle blew.  They first competed as a whole class to see what score could be achieved in 60 seconds. Having prepared countless paper balls during their prep time they were clear winners with an estimated score of several thousand.

They then used their creative and critical thinking to develop the activity into a team game competing against each other in groups of 4 using different coloured paper.

The smallest tutor group in the year, 9.3 with only 13 members were fed up of being at a disadvantage and this week stole the show by being ahead of the game. They worked well as a team and as teams competing against each other in good clean old-fashioned fun. Tutor groups are already being asked to consider challenges for the end of term and next year.


‘We might be small but we are mighty’ declared Miss Fenton, the first tutor to have set up the scoring zone for her class. The black mark against her name from her reluctance to share resources in an earlier challenge was overturned by the head of Year Mrs Purnell for being the most organised and enthusiastic tutor on this occasion.

Having borrowed a hula hoop, plastic plate and a roll of sticky tape to mark out their scoring zones, the other tutors and their teams attempted the task with limited success, a last minute reading of the instructions lead to some ambiguity as to how many players were allowed to compete at any given time. On this occasion 9.3 zoomed into the lead taking every opportunity to exploit the loophole.