Student enrichment in the West-End

Students of Ormiston Park Academy were delighted as they took to the stalls of the Gielgud Theatre, in London’s Shaftesbury Avenue.  They had every reason to feel this way, as they sat back ready to enjoy one of the most exciting and innovative plays brought to the West end – ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time’.  This was not, however, simply a trip to the theatre.  Students had invested interest in this particular story, having been enthralled by Mark Haddon’s award winning novel in the English classroom as part of their studies of ‘Modern Fiction’.

The theatre trip was designed to stretch students in a variety of ways, igniting their imagination and appealing to their creative inclinations, as well as further enhancing their insight into the condition of Asperger’s Syndrome.  The stage adaptation has scooped up an impressive score of accolades including seven Olivier awards and five Tony awards, including ‘Best Play 2013’.  This is no wonder, the inventive use of light and sound displayed throughout, in addition to the simple set and intimate cast created a marvellous show.  Both beautiful and dazzling, the play takes its audience on a spectacular journey, whilst the protagonist ‘Christopher’ demonstrates just some of the extraordinary capabilities of the brain of an Asperger’s sufferer. Both students and staff were moved and amazed.  It was excellent.

Year 10 student, Emily Walker, reflected on the trip:

“It was incredible to see the story we had read in class brought to life on stage.  It really added another layer of understanding and I have learned so much about Asperger’s Syndrome. The play was amazing.”

Fellow year 10 student, Riah Caudwell, added:

“The way they [directors] used the lighting and sound was unbelievable. Certain scenes keep replaying in my mind and I really feel like I understand a lot more about Asperger’s Syndrome.”

Ormiston Park Academy values the experience that school trips and enrichment activities bring to the curriculum, enhancing the social, moral, emotional and spiritual facets of student’s education.  It is wonderful to hear student’s reflecting on how this trip impacted on their knowledge and understanding of the human condition.


Sixth Form

We are pleased to announce that 6th Form are able to return to the Academy on Monday 8th January 2018.
Please come straight to Room 30 (Elm Centre) for CPRE at 8:50am prompt and NOT the 6th Form Area.
Full business wear as usual, however please be advised to bring an extra jumper / cardigan etc.  Many thanks and we look forward to welcoming back our 6th Form on Monday

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