Confidence, Courage, Communication

//Confidence, Courage, Communication

The ‘three C mantra’ of the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge

 Year ten students from Ormiston Park Academy filled the school mini-bus on Monday night, clutching homemade banners, ready to spend the evening cheering on OPA students =Emily Walker and Sneha Chowdhury who were competing at the regional final of the ‘Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge’ held at The King John School.

The audience buzzed as they filled the stalls of The King John School’s huge assembly hall, eagerly aniticpating the inspiration and wisdom that would eminate from the sixteen young speakers waiting nervously to take the stage.

An impressive judging panel sat with equally bated breath, a team consisting of members from the Essex Police and Fire services, as well as local counsellors and previous winners of the competition.

Emily and Sneha delivered wonderful performances which truly captivated the audience.  The passion and enthusiasm with which they spoke was quite remarkable. Sneha spun a titilating tale of the modern day demands of social media on one’s life; whilst Emily took on the somewhat philosophical pondering of the transcient nature of life.

Despite such fantastic performances, the girls missed out on top three places in the competition but sported beaming smiles and remenents of adrenaline as they greeted friends and family at the end of the evening.

Emily and Sneha have worked incredibly hard over recent works, refining the speeches that have brought them much success.  Initially, they competed against their whole year group in order to secure a place at the in-school final held at Ormiston Park Academy.  Here they battled it out against six of their peers, in order to win the first and second place positions which put them into the regional final.

Head of year 10, and English teacher of the girls, Miss Devlin, commented:

It has been a real highlight to run the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge within the academy, and I am delighted to have worked closely with all our finalists, helping them refine their speeches.  It was a moment of joy to watch them on stage, and see the fruits of their dedication and hard work.”

Another proud moment for Ormiston Park Academy.

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