Brilliant with a capital B!

//Brilliant with a capital B!

Ormiston Park Academy’s own university challenge!

 There couldn’t be a more fitting accolade to describe the achievements of students of Ormiston Park Academy and the work they have been doing with non-profit organisation, ‘The Brilliant Club’.  A number of Year 8 students produced outstanding essays on Literary Theory, following an eight week university-style course delivered at the academy, by a PhD student, Katie Danaher.   ‘The Scholars Programme’ enabled twelve OPA students to visit Kings College London, gaining an insight into student life, before providing them with a series of tutorials aimed at developing their knowledge and skills.  The fruits of their labour were bountiful, evident in the 1500-word assignments students submitted at the end of the course.

Katie Danaher – PhD student (University of Sussex) – mused:

“The pupils were inspirational and demonstrated a genuine thirst for knowledge. I have no doubt that they have very promising academic careers ahead of them”

Such fantastic achievements will be recognised and rewarded with a graduation ceremony at The University of East Anglia, Norwich for students and parents, on 30thJanuary 2016.

Cameron Root, Year 8 student at OPA, reflected on this:

“The course was really inspiring and I’m really excited about the graduation.  Even though it’s a few years away, I literally cannot wait until I can go to university for real!”

The programme run by ‘The Brilliant Club’ strives to widen access to highly selective universities, delivering the programme for the third consecutive year at the OPA. Students at the academy are certainly paving their way to higher education, living and breathing the school motto – Believe and Achieve!

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