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Pupil Premium represents additional funding awarded to schools and academies to help raise the achievement of pupils who are currently known to be eligible for Free School Meals (FSM) and/or have been at any time during the last six years. Pupil Premium is also allocated to children in care who have been continuously looked after for six months.

Eligible students join the Academy with a wide range of barriers to their educational achievement. These include the quality of their prior learning and the standard of their literacy skills, the lack of belief they might have in their ability to be successful, and the limited support and opportunity that they have been afforded to date. At Ormiston Park Academy our ethos and overarching priority is to provide all pupils with every opportunity to reach their goals and achieve academically at the highest possible level. Each year the additional funding given to us is used in a multitude of different ways to support ensuring an equality of opportunity and outcomes for our students.

The Academy plans to continue using the Pupil Premium Grant to support a wide range of activities and projects throughout the new academic year. Our aim being to address the underlying inequalities between students disadvantaged by circumstance and their less disadvantaged peers.

 Pupil Premium – Proposed Expenditure 2018 – 2019

Number of eligible pupils and pupil premium grant (PPG) received (Years 7 to 11)
Total number of pupils on roll 618
Number of pupils eligible for PPG 158
Level of funding £190,000

Pupil Premium – Proposed Expenditure 2018 – 2019

Description Value Comment
Senior Leader responsible for student outcomes £7,000 Salary part-funded. Direct impact upon and responsible for improving attainment
MIS/SIMS Student Data Manager £4,500 Salary part-funded. Direct impact upon and responsible for improving attainment
Pupil Premium Grant Co-ordinator £3,500 Salary part-funded. Direct impact upon and responsible for improving attainment
Learning and Teaching Assistants £15,000 Salaries part-funded. Accountability for raising achievement levels and narrowing the gap
Accelerated Reader Co-ordinator £18,000 Salaries part-funded. Accountability for raising achievement levels and narrowing the gap
Accelerated Reader Resources £23,000 Investment in Licence/Books/ICT and Administration
STEM project provision £5,000 Consultancy and project work contract securing engagement and improving motivation
Councelling and therapy sessions £4,000 To improve self-esteem, a sense of belonging and remove barriers to learning.
Attendance tracking and intervention £3,000 Additional mentoring and support for year 11 students to improve their attendance
Coaching and Mentoring £4,000 Targeted mentoring and coaching to remove barriers to success in external examinations
Additional Mathematics / English / Science individual tuition £5,000 Targeted tuition following diagnosis of skills gaps for year 11 students
Transport £10,000 Partial funding of late bus provision to enable engagement in addition activities
Staff Development Training and Support £2,000 To provide enhanced training for all staff to meet the needs of disadvantaged students.
Curriculum Resources £10,000 To provide a wide range of resources, materials and support for disadvantaged pupils in all curriculum areas.
Specific Project Provision £30,000 Initiatives to secure engagement and higher achievement
Homework Club £2,000 Help for pupils to improve learning.
Vouchers to reward students £5,000 To incentivise students, increase participation and improve attainment.
School Uniform £1000 To assist parents by providing/replacing school uniform.
School Trips £3,000 To increase participation, improve self-esteem, improve progress and secure higher attainment.
A range of Aspirational activities £10,000 Visiting guest speakers/assemblies/ visits etc.
Alternative Curriculum Provision £25,000 Allows access to bespoke educational packages to support success
Total £190,000

The impact of our provision in relation to securing improved progress for disadvantaged students at the Academy in the last Academic Year 2017/18 is shown below. Impact of our provision in the 2018/19 Academic year will be evaluated following the examinations results for the 2019 GCSE series. The Strategy will be reviewed in September 2019.

Disadvantaged Pupils End of KS4 Outcomes

(Number of disadvantaged students in cohort – 31)

Progress 8 Score
Attainment 8 Score
Basics % (5+)
Average Ebacc APS

These outcomes are subject to validation by the DfE in January 2019


Latest Announcement

Dear Parents/Carers

July 19th, 2019|

I have today issued all students with a letter to inform you of some key dates and information as we break for the summer and in preparation for the next academic year.

I would like to thank all the parents and carers who attended the behaviour information meetings at which I, with my colleague Mr Rashid, responded to your questions and queries. I would also like to thank those parents/ carers who have taken the time to contact the Academy with their support for the changes we outlined and with constructive suggestions. The new policy has already seen a significant improvement in the behaviour of our students and has enabled our teachers to focus more effectively on delivering outstanding lessons to all our students.

I would also like to thank you for your continued support in ensuring our uniform standards are maintained at the highest level. Please ensure that on return winter coats are compliant with our policy and that all students have a suitable school bag and a full set of the required equipment.

May I ask please that the actions required regarding informing the Academy of emergency contact details for all students are completed as soon as is possible (Information and instructions are given on the reverse of my letter).

The full letter is posted on the Academy website in the Letters Home section. Further information will be posted as and when required.

From all at the Academy we wish everyone a safe, enjoyable and refreshing summer break.



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