Subject support

Joining OPA6 to study qualifications that will take you on the next stage of your journey will bring times that may be stressful, worrying, or simply bring about questions that you need support answering. If you have any questions linked to needing support, please see your subject teacher as they are the best placed member of staff to resolve any problems you might be having. If you need further support please see your Tutor who will assist you.

Bursary fund

The bursary fund is available to help with education-related costs if you are aged 16-19 and you are studying at school or college. You can use this money to pay for things like clothing, books and other equipment for your course, transport and lunch on days you study. There are two types of bursary funds, the Vulnerable student bursary and the Discretionary bursary. For further information on the two bursaries and to find out which you are eligible for please download the Bursary Fund Application Form 2016 OPA6.

Seeing the school nurse

OPA6 is neatly located within an area that is also the base for our on-site NHS Health Team. The team consists of four nurses that service our Academy and all students and staff within. You can make an appointment directly with the Health Team or by seeing Miss Townsend. All meetings will be private and confidential and further signposting of services to support you will be provided.


During your studies at OPA6 you may experience problems at home or at college that can affect your work or physical or mental well-being.

All members of the OPA6 team are able to coach students through any concerns and problems that you may have. Should specific guidance be needed, we can make arrangements for you to see a specialist counsellor via our NHS Health Team.

Specific examples of concerns might be losing sleep over a problem; feeling lonely, depressed, anxious or exhausted; struggling to cope with 6th form work, paid employment, relationships or home life.

At some point in everyone’s lives problems occur that can be supported and worked through to help find solutions. Although your Tutors are always happy to help discuss problems, sometimes it might be easier to talk with a trained counsellor who is not directly involved with the situation.

However, sometimes the first step to working through a concern or problem is to reflect on what is worrying you. The Counselling Directory is a great website which allows you to explore what could be worrying you and search for professional counsellors outside of the Academy network. If you feel this could interest you, please visit

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