At Ormiston Park Academy we believe all students have a voice and it should be heard. We offer all students studying at OPA6 the opportunity to apply to be a part of our Students 4 Solution team.

Similar to a Student Union or School Council, the Students 4 Solutions team has more power and can implement change to their studies and social aspects of life whilst at OPA6. The team will be responsible for promoting engaging learning; developing student-teacher and student-student relationships; charity events; social events and peer coaching and support for students in OPA6 and lower in the Academy.

Each year after October half term, the application process opens allowing all students a full half term to demonstrate their commitment to their studies and develop an interest in social aspects of life at OPA6.

All students who choose to apply will be selected for interview and if successful they will join the team, meeting monthly with staff and other members of the team to discuss and plan for current and future priorities.

In the Students 4 Solutions team there are two types of positions available: a Solutions Leader and a Solutions Seeker. Positions such as these are invaluable to place on your CV and personal statement, showing you have developed and used many of the essential skills needed at university or within employment.

We encourage all students to apply and be a part of the team that makes positive change.

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