OPA6 students are the greatest role models for all students in the Academy. Our students are aspirational setting themselves goals to achieve by the end of their study time with us.

During your studies with OPA6 we will hold you to the highest expectations of behaviour and attitudes towards other students, staff and your studies. OPA6 will expect:

  • Coursework deadlines met
  • All lessons/activity sessions attended activity sessions
  • A minimum of 5 hours independent study per qualification
  • All instructions to be followed
  • Attendance above 95%
  • Punctual arrival at all sessions
  • Appropriate use of ICT (see the Academy acceptable user policy)
  • All coursework to be original and not plagiarised
  • Students are polite and respectful
  • Students to support each other and not engage in any form of bullying
  • Equipment treated with respect and any damages reported
  • Wear their uniform with pride

Disruption to the learning environment is extremely rare. If this does occur, in the first instance Tutors will deal with any incidents and if necessary seek assistance from the Director of OPA6. Students and parents/carers will receive full details of the policy during induction.

 Dress Code

OPA is extremely proud of our OPA6 students and we welcome the transition from wearing the standard OPA uniform to business attire that stands you apart from the rest of the students in the Academy. Adhering to the OPA6 dress code enables you to be role models for others in the Academy, take pride in your appearance and prepares you for your career where many professions require business wear every day. Students are required to wear:

Males Females
  • Smart suit jackets
  • Shirts and ties
  • Smart jumpers (no hoodies)
  • Smart suit trousers
  • Smart shoes
  • Smart suit jackets
  • Smart suit trousers
  • Blouses
  • Business style skirts (below knee)
  • Business style dresses (below knee)
  • Smart jumpers (no hoodies)
  • Smart shoes

For sport and leisure activities students are permitted to wear appropriate sportswear and can purchase official OPA sports uniform if required by speaking with the PE & Sport department.

Extremes of jewellery, make up or hair styles or unnatural hair colours are not permitted. No facial piercings should be visible.

To safeguard all students at OPA it is important that all adults are instantly recognisable as part of the Academy community. We ask that all staff and OPA6 students wear their ID lanyards at all time. These lanyards will also serve as your printing, photocopying and registration card.

OPA6 Attendance

All OPA6 students are expected to attend the Academy every day, to register electronically using your ID badge and attend all timetabled sessions. The only exception is where students are carrying out work placements which have been organised as part of your OPA6 personalised programme. For students to achieve and exceed their target grades, attendance must be maintained above 95% throughout the year.

Students are permitted to leave the Academy site at break times, however you must ensure you sing out and back in using the ID card registration system. If you leave the Academy for break times, you must ensure you arrive back to start your next session promptly. Lateness could result in leaving site being restricted for you.

Illness or unexpected absence

If you are unable to attend OPA6 on a particular day due to illness or unexpected absence you or a parent/carer should telephone the Academy on 01708 865 180 and select the option for attendance. You are expected to call the attendance line for every day you are absent. When you return to OPA6 you will be asked to complete an absence form and have a meeting with your tutor to ensure your return to study plan is in place.

Planned absences

Where possible we ask that all students avoid making appointments for medical queries or illnesses. However, we are aware that sometimes this cannot be avoided. These requests can be processed via your Tutor.

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